Monday, May 31, 2010

Excuse me, while I brag a little

Kilian actually deserves about 5 separate posts about all the blog-worthy moments and events he's had over the last few weeks. We'll squeeze them all into one, though.

I've been keeping a mental list of all that I want to mention - and now I shall unload that mental list to blogger in order to free up that memory space in my brain for other things.

  • Jump Rope for Heart - After practicing for the better part of a year, Kilian won the 2nd grade contest at school. Imagine "Who let the dogs out" music blaring over the sound system while the kids jump!

  • Insect Report - the spring project for 2nd graders was writing an outline and report, then creating a model and habitat of an insect. Each student chose a different bug - and Kilian picked the praying mantis. The easy part was finding interesting facts. The hard part was finding the right balance of parental help vs. kid working independently. I wanted him to do the work, but we had very different opinions on how neat the final draft should be (handwritten) and how large the model should be (he won)!

  • First Holy Communion - the most important of all! On Saturday, May 1st we got to celebrate this big step in Kilian's faith formation. Brad and I are so proud of how seriously Kilian prepared for this day. The 2nd graders all looked so handsome/pretty in their special clothes and the 3rd grade choir sang beautifully. I didn't receive Communion in the Catholic Church until I was 24, so this was a new experience for me and I loved it! Here are Kilian and Msgr. Ben at our church.

  • A honor roll - Here is Kilian with his wonderful teacher. He finished up the year on the A honor roll. He has already said he will miss Mrs. B. this summer. She is very supportive of bug lovers. Kilian started taking his butterfly net and butterfly house to school everyday soon after spring break. Recess became a big bug hunt for him and a few friends.
    • Raingutter regatta - This was the last boy scout event of the year. Although Brad and Kilian threw this year's boat and sail together at the very last minute (using chewing gum instead of glue on the way there), he won 2nd place in the wolf pack. Either he had the 2nd fastest boat or could blow the 2nd most hot air :)

    • I don't remember which day it was, but one weekday afternoon we found a letter from his friend in Germany in our mailbox, then came in the house to hear the phone ringing. It was another one of Kilian's friends calling (a first) to ask a homework question, and discuss bug finds.

    Saturday, May 22, 2010

    Cinco de Jameso

    is due in November!

    We are all very excited about becoming a family of 7! (7?? 7!!)

    Lucy said it best when we told the kids, "ooooohhhhh....this is WONDERFUL, Mom, this is WONDERFUL, *high pitched squeal* this is WONDERFUL!"

    This may explain the lack of posts. I am a night time blogger, and that is tricky when I fall asleep at the same time the kids do for 2 straight months. I am so happy to be getting my energy back.

    We will not be finding out boy or girl this time either. We're in another tie-breaker situation and will be more than blessed either way.

    On the move

    Oliver is the first of our kids to take steps before turning one. He has taken up to 20 or so steps at once, but never when a camera is handy.

    This was taken at a pool party last weekend. His clothes are wet from crawling in the puddles, not a leaky diaper. So, per his Pawpaw's request...without further ado:

    Saturday, May 15, 2010

    Less Blonde



    "um, mom, Camille is cutting her hair in the play room". (left out of that tattle session: "When Camille saw me cutting my doll's hair with scissors, she started cutting her own hair...)


    I've started to really like it better over the last few days,

    although it makes for wilder bed head.


    During spring break my mom and I took my four plus my niece, Avery to get some pictures taken.

    The key seems to be having a sense of humor.

    We were pleased with several of them, though.

    They captured 10 month upright Oliver.

    Sweet Camille
    Front-tooth-less Lucy (and they are almost grown in by now)
    and Kilian looking nice and relaxed.
    The kids even thought of their own pose.
    And the 5 cousins in clean clothes, with no tears, looking the same direction...success!