Sunday, January 30, 2011


2 weeks after Kilian's party, we celebrated Lucy turning 7.

I had purchased some cute clearance gingerbread man invitations (probably meant for a Christmas party) a couple of years ago. I came across them in my closet when getting out my maternity clothes last summer, and they set the stage for a fun, after-school, Friday-in-December, first-snow-of-the-year, kind of party!

I purchased some inexpensive children's aprons and painted the brown gingerbread man figure on each one.

Then we set out fabric paint and turned them loose. They turned out really cute, but I sure hope there were no mishaps on the ride home because even though we had them work on these as soon as they arrived, they didn't have time to dry completely.

We also had them decorate a gingerbread man cookie to take home. Putting one between two paper plates and stapling worked well.
The cookie cake
The small favors
and the book read by Noni (my mom)

I could have gone crazy buying much more gingerbread themed "stuff" - it is everywhere this time of year! So far embracing Christmas themes and activities for birthday events seems to be working well for us. December birthdays sometimes get a bad rap, but they aren't all bad!

(side note: Kilian had the option of an activity with more friends, but he chose having two friends spend the night. I don't want to seem like we are unfair. Not that life is always fair...)

7 words to describe Lucy

1. Helpful
2. Funny
3. Talkative
4. Picky (eater)
5. Clever
6. Sweet
7. Musical

Lucy is becoming quite the reader! Our trips to the library are resulting in chapter books now.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Party!!!!!
Love the aprons!
Sweet Princess is growing up too fast!!! I can't believe she is 7!!!! It seems like yesterday she was pictured by the diet rite bottle! Looks like she had a wonderful party!!!
The OTHER James Family