Saturday, January 21, 2012

Catchin' up is hard to do

Fall summary since I did not make blogging much of a priority!


- made our annual trip to Joyland amusement park

- started school with a 4th grader, 2nd grader and Little Miss Kindergarten.

- which left me at home with just these two during the day


- made my first and only attempt so far at copying an idea off pinterest

- began my 13th "busy season" with the same company, 6th year as a remote, part-time employee (this is cuter than me by a computer).

- let my big helper feed his sister and teach her how to crawl faster


- found out we are expecting another baby in June - due on Uncle Darren's birthday/Flag Day!
- celebrated our 13th anniversary

- took all 5 kids to Midnight Yell here in Lubbock (since it might be the last)

- survived the great James stomach bug of 2011 (no pics of that!)

- trick or treated


- I don't remember the first part of this month. I felt worse than usual for the first trimester and slept as much as I possibly could

- they found ways to have fun in the house anyway

- one detail I do one point there were no clean bowls, spoons or cups so kids were drinking water out of measuring cups and using measuring spoons to eat their cereal out of our smallest mixing bowls. Pathetic, but true.

- Genevieve turned 1

- gave thanks like the pilgrims


- Kilian turned 10

- announced baby 6 is on the way
- started feeling like myself again
- Lucy turned 8

- enjoyed Kilian's first piano recital, Lucy singing in the Christmas parade and some great school Christmas programs

- traveled to Houston and back to celebrate an early Christmas, but made it back in time for Christmas Eve snow here (more later)

and that leads us to January when we had our first sonogram at 19 weeks and found out that baby number 6 and baby number 7 would be coming at the same time! 2 boys! No wonder I felt worse!


Colleen said...

Twins! Congratulations! You must be very excited (and maybe a wee bit terrified?). You and your babies have my prayers! I loved the update and seeing the lovely pictures of your precious children. God bless!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, Lael! I love it when you blog!! I wouldn't beat yourself up though, you have been busy baking two babies and taking care of the five adorable ones that are running your life. :) congrats, again. The twins make me smile!

Jen said...

Congratulations! I think you must get more done in a day than I do in a week, or even a month. Loved hearing what is going on with you and your family! All your babies are precious, and I have no doubt your twins will be as well!

Quite Sensible Indeed said...

Congratulations! So very very exciting. I do recall you hoping for twins...what a great surprise!