Saturday, May 26, 2012

Oliver is 3!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Oliver!  We celebrated his big day with a construction cake, which was a more simplified version of what I had seen online, but seemed to work just fine for Oliver. 

3 things I love about Oliver:

1 - He is obsessed with cars.  He calls himself "car".  As in "Oliver, so get your pajamas and bring them to me", his response with a serious sad face, "Car can't.  Car doesn't have any more gas", or "Car has a flat tire, Car can't move", while slowly moving his foot my direction to show me his "flat". Or if I say "let's go get a snack" he'll say "ok, Car will ZOOM in there".

2 - The way he says "cha-lock-it" instead of chocolate.

3 - His use of the day "Saturday".  He does not say any other day of the week, or yesterday, or tomorrow, or before or later.  Everything happens on a Saturday, and when it happens to fall in place and he gets it right, he really impresses people.

One of his gifts was a set of 9 little Disney Cars books.  He didn't want to move on to his toys presents until he was able to look at all of them.  Good thing he has 3 older siblings to read to him this summer.

Final note:  Since the babies waited until after Oliver's birthday to be born we cannot claim that we have 4 kids age 2 and under.  Oh well!