Friday, September 19, 2008

Dental Olympics

This picture has nothing to do with this story...but it's been so long since I posted I wanted to let everyone see how he's changing!

The other morning I went to tell Kilian is was time to get in the car for school. He was brushing his teeth, and replied with those funny sounds you make when your mouth is full of toothpaste, while nodding and giving me a thumbs up sign.

Then while he was running to the garage, he said, "I was trying to say yes ma'am, but my toothbrush still had about one lap to go so I couldn't talk to you."

Little Saleslady

Lucy has become quite the salesperson. She doesn't ask if she can have a gumball. Instead, she gives me a choice like "can I have 2 pieces or 3 pieces?" - like having 1 piece or none are not even options. When she catches me alone she says "oooh we should have some special ice cream together, but it's ok....If you don't want yours, I'll finish it".

My future is so bright....I gotta wear shades

Although I'm not so sure this is how they meant for the shades to be worn.