Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cardboard Artists

During a trip to Sam's, Brad's mom suggested that we take home three very large pieces of thin cardboard (that were separating the paper towel packages) for the kids to play with. I forget to think about the freebies you can find there.

They immediately started their art projects and stayed busy for most of the evening.

Kilian duplicated a picture of a dog howling at the moon (with music notes, a lightning bug, fence, tree, moon and stars) that he had drawn and colored at school for a contest. It now hangs on his wall above his bed.

A few days later we found out that his original drawing has moved on to the next level of the school contest.

Lucy drew mermaids in an undersea world with some "you and me together" song lyrics (seashells and all!)

Camille drew a scene that at first resembled Kilan's fence and tree, but in hers it remained daytime and some flowers bloomed at the bottom.
The girls also have their masterpieces on their wall.

I cannot fully explain the poses...but here are my observations: Camille looks like an NBA player from the 70's holding a toy yorkie and Lucy is modeling her tassel from kindergarten graduation.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Her new approach

Lucy does not like most of the meals I cook. Pretty much if two ingredients touch each other, she gears up for a long night at the table. She knows that what is fixed for dinner will be what she eats. 99% of the time we stick to our rule that she must have at least one bite of everything in order to leave the table, but must finish her plate in order to have a dessert (if there is one that night).

She also knows that I am tired of hearing her complain about what is on the menu plan. So I found this note tonight.

"from Kilian to Mom

I do not wont lzonya for dinr and I theek that Lucy is the best."

Interesting because Kilian knows how to spell these words correctly (well, maybe not lasagna). She got so many laughs at this attempt that she wrote two more of *Kilian's* requests to not have meals that he likes just fine.

Grammy's Visit

We were lucky enough to have Brad's mom come visit for a week recently. If you know Grammy, you know that we are now very well fed, better organized, and have lots of little fix-it projects taken care of.

Our freezer has some stored up food for just before or after baby arrives. We also have a solution for the little blondie that loves playing in the potty. These latch/hooks on the outside of the bathroom doors work well because Camille can reach them, but Oliver cannot. (He can reach all door handles, though).

We also have our mantle decorated with something other than match books, dried up palm branches, changing pad, remote controls, junk mail, 2 cigars (not mine!) and random toys that were put in time out because of fighting.

...and the "funny" I want to remember...Kilian has been enjoying the Magic Tree House books again. Between the ones we own and 3 or 4 at a time from our library, he only had a couple left. Grammy had heard this, and offered to take "just him" shopping at a book store to get those that he had not read. He informed us that he had filled in all the gaps with his teacher's collection at school. Grammy then offered to take him to look for any other books he would like to buy at the store. His response?

"Well - I think I just want to go read books in the store for about an hour. I could probably read about $50 worth because they cost a lot there and that way you won't have to spend any money."

Not sure if his dad or Uncle Darren are more proud of his frugality. Thanks for everything, Grammy! Bring PawPaw next time!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sister Confusion

After school several days ago Camille showed me a band aid covering a mosquito bite on her leg. This is the conversation that followed:

Camille: "Do you know who gave this to me?"
Me: "No, who?"
Camille: "Olivia's sister"

Hmmm...I was trying to think of who that might be. I must have had a confused look on my face while I thought.

Me: "you mean a teacher gave it to you?"
Camille: "yes"

Still thinking...are there any families at our small Catholic school that have a student with a big sister that teaches??

Camille: "you know, she always wears the brown dress..."
Me: "Ahhh - you mean Sister Olivia" - the nun that teaches kindergarten classes!
Camille: "Yes!"

We've talked about nuns before, but apparently not what they are called :) Now she knows!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Snooze and a football story

While looking back at baby pictures of the 3 oldest kids I noticed that I used to take lots of "sleeping baby" pictures. I do not have many of Oliver, so I just tip-toed in there to capture one. Brilliant. Guess who is a pretty light sleeper and is now sitting in my lap?
I love how he sleeps with his hands behind his head.


A couple of weeks ago Oliver was with my parents during a televised Tech football game. I wasn't there, but I heard that he was sitting in my dad's lap when the other team fumbled the ball. My dad yelled "GET THE BALL!" at the t.v. Oliver quickly slid down, ran across the room and grabbed two balls, and brought them back to my dad...pronto.

The Magical Wand

Lucy has been talking about wanting a "real" magic wand from Santa this Christmas. I guess it is pretty early to be talking about Christmas wishes, but since we talk about our December baby so much I can see why it is on her mind.

She has a long list (that she discusess often) of what she would do with her wand. It always begins with wanting to be a mermaid and making our house full of water. She would also like to change into a flying fairy when she doesn't want to swim. Then she mentions making our car fly when we need to go somewhere.

Finally, her practical side comes through (and my favorite part)...she wishes we could say POOF! and the dishes would be clean, POOF! and the dirty diaper is taken care of, POOF! all the laundry is done, etc.

I sure hope your Christmas wishes come true, Lucy!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cute little big frog

Apparently more attention was paid to redoing the kids bathroom and blogging about it than to the folding and putting away of towels yesterday.

I couldn't help but smile when I saw this towel hanging over our shower this morning. I guess it was Brad's only choice. I wonder if he used the little hood to dry his hair? I bet he'll thank me for posting this...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Jamaican Sea

is the name of the new paint color. I feel relaxed when I walk in here now.

This morning my dad came over and helped me paint the bathroom between the boys' rooms (with the paint I got for my birthday 3 months, 3 weeks and 6 days ago). Maybe I should say I helped him paint since he did most of the work. My mom took the oldest 3 kids to their house and Brad kept Oliver busy, so they deserve a lot of credit, too.

This bathroom was one of those things I thought I would take care of within weeks of moving in. We did it in 2 years and a few weeks instead, but I'm very happy with the outcome. We just need some hooks for towels.

Tub view from Oliver's door - Before:

Tub view - After:

Potty view from Kilian's door - Before:

Potty view - After:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flattery at its finest

One evening I fell asleep early diagonally across our bed. When I heard Brad come in the room later, I joked that I probably looked like a beached whale.

He said, "no, actually just a beached dolphin".

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First day of school 2010

That was August 18th...we are two weeks into it now and so far, so good!
Kilian :: 3rd grade :: favorite part = time in the "reading pad" in their frog themed room
Lucy :: 1st grade :: favorite parts = computer and recess
Camille :: Pre-K 4 :: favorite part = P.E. with "super coach"


Sadly, this has been a draft in blogger since just before his birthday in May!

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O-ne year old! (plus 3 months now)

L-aughs like Gus-Gus the mouse in "Cinderella" with occasional snorts like "Wilbur" the pig.

I-ntensely loves his siblings - kisses Camille, brings things to Lucy, climbs all over Kilian

V-ery much a clown. "Falls" on purpose and does a "crazy baby dance" for laughs.

E-njoys middle of the night time with mom or dad in the rocking chair. (still true at 15 months)

R-outinely pretend cooks with pots and pans in the kitchen floor.

We celebrated Oliver's first birthday in May with dinner and a cake at home. I had big plans for making a "lion" cake, but I spent so much of the weekend getting the house ready for the guests, that I ran out of time. So we had a very plain cake. He didn't mind.

I promised myself I would make the real cake later on that week, leaving the matching jungle decorations up in the kitchen. So as long as 2 months later, I was so used to seeing monkeys and zebras that I didn't even notice them. No new cake ever happened and he's 15 months now.

This week he started Parents' Day Out on Monday/Wednesday (but it is actually my "day in" since those are my "at home" work days). What a big boy!

Cutest backpack ever!

Handful of dirt - a new favorite hobby.

Fancy cake or not, we are so thankful for the joy that Oliver brings to our family! We love you!

(following pictures are at least 3 months old)


I am late with giving the spring/summer birthdays proper posts, but will try to catch up now.

Camille is now 4!
She celebrated with a special night at Noni and G-Pa's house, then we all went over there early to wake her up with a surprise 4 candle cinnamon twist and "happy birthday" serenade. We jumped on the trampoline with the sprinkler that afternoon and then enjoyed an early dinner at Cracker Barrel.

4 things that make Camille happy (according to her):

ice cream
playing princess
when new babies are born

4 old pictures of Camille - from before I started this blog