Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sadly, this has been a draft in blogger since just before his birthday in May!

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O-ne year old! (plus 3 months now)

L-aughs like Gus-Gus the mouse in "Cinderella" with occasional snorts like "Wilbur" the pig.

I-ntensely loves his siblings - kisses Camille, brings things to Lucy, climbs all over Kilian

V-ery much a clown. "Falls" on purpose and does a "crazy baby dance" for laughs.

E-njoys middle of the night time with mom or dad in the rocking chair. (still true at 15 months)

R-outinely pretend cooks with pots and pans in the kitchen floor.

We celebrated Oliver's first birthday in May with dinner and a cake at home. I had big plans for making a "lion" cake, but I spent so much of the weekend getting the house ready for the guests, that I ran out of time. So we had a very plain cake. He didn't mind.

I promised myself I would make the real cake later on that week, leaving the matching jungle decorations up in the kitchen. So as long as 2 months later, I was so used to seeing monkeys and zebras that I didn't even notice them. No new cake ever happened and he's 15 months now.

This week he started Parents' Day Out on Monday/Wednesday (but it is actually my "day in" since those are my "at home" work days). What a big boy!

Cutest backpack ever!

Handful of dirt - a new favorite hobby.

Fancy cake or not, we are so thankful for the joy that Oliver brings to our family! We love you!

(following pictures are at least 3 months old)