Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little things I don't want to forget

Most of these are Oliver since he is at such a funny stage, but a few from the others as well. This is my main form of keeping up with these sorts of things, so this may be too much if you are not a grandparent or great-grandparent!

I've enjoyed looking back at similar things I blogged when Camille was at this stage, so here we go with some recent/current Oliverisms:

- he used to say cocky bup instead of coffee cup

- Oliver weighs almost 25 lbs at 22 months. (what Kilian weighed at 12 months)

- he gets bored pretend cooking, and will find a way to stir someone's leftovers...or sand from outside...or a grape that rolled under the table...or even his own spit in one of my skillets.

- siblings' names: aahmille = Camille, woocy = Lucy, kiyan = Kilian and Gebeeve or Gigi = Genevieve

- he throws trash away for us, throws laundry up and into the washer, and throws his dishes up and into the sink

- he just says, Bacuum! with a smile when I catch him making a mess

- when I caught him with a finger in his nose and asked if he needed a Kleenex he just looked at me, shook his head and said mouf (mouth)

- the way Oliver says nank you welcome when I give him something

- answers most "Do you want to...????" questions with I guesh-show

- says scoof aahmille = scoot over Camille

- points to Sonic when we drive past it and says Dippa Deppa Deppa = Dr. Pepper

- he has reminded me to pray while eating lunch at home when it is just us at the table

- a hand towel fits him like this


- that Camille thought long and hard about what would be a good thing to give up for lent. She arrived at "not dressing up in princess clothes". Then after giving in and dressing up anyway she changed it to "not wearing a swimming suit in the bath tub".

- how Camille frowns and says Mom, I don't like this chicken (or whatever I cooked)......*dramatic pause*.....I LOVE it!!

- how much Lucy loves to climb in my lap in the driver's seat of the car at Sonic and do the talking into the speaker for my happy hour "dippa deppa"

- that Lucy plays indoor soccer much like I did the one season I tried it (at age 25) - not much contact with the all. She is doing very well in gymnastics, though.

- how much Kilian loves to hear Genevieve's baby babble and says there is nothing sweeter in the world

- that Kilian is once again very excited about acquiring a new butterfly net for the upcoming bug season. I hope he doesn't outgrow this anytime soon.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Clean Freak

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I was puzzled when my friend, Juanelle, asked me to send her a digital picture of the kids last fall, before Genevieve arrived. I didn't have a recent one, so they were puzzled when I loaded them in the car and took them to my parents' back yard to try to get a decent picture.

Then when I opened my Christmas present, I saw this neat tin box with their picture on the outside...
and their picture as a puzzle inside.
I am no longer puzzled,
but they are!
Thanks, Aunt Nelle!! We love it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Dance

A couple of nights ago Lucy talked Kilian into dressing up for a dance. She put on a fancy dress, and he reluctantly agreed to wear this.

They selected The Blue Danube Waltz as music and when it started, she didn't really want a dance partner after all. She just wanted to spin around on her own. He was a little bit miffed that he went through that trouble for nothing.

In comes Camille. She'll take a dance partner!
I was reluctant to take pictures in case Kilian would change his mind.
He was okay with it, even though he couldn't find his church shoes.
They danced quite a while, then Lucy decided she wanted a partner after all.
costume change!
Quick side note: We love those cardboard blocks that are in 90% of the pictures on this blog. They are stacked up neatly some of the time, but probably not nearly enough. They do get played with almost everyday - and we got the first set about 8 years ago. We got the second this past Christmas. Excellent classic toy!
Back to the dancing
and the lift for the finale!
Oliver, you've got some big shoes to fill when it comes to being a good-sport of a brother!
(ok so those are his dad's shoes not his brother's - I just really like big shoes on toddlers)

Friday, March 11, 2011

80 percent

...of my kids were crying at the same time one evening this week while I was cooking dinner.

Oliver was crying "hold you" at my feet, while Genevieve wailed in her swing. Lucy was quietly sobbing after I made her redo some homework. Just before she stopped, Camille started crying when I wouldn't let her have a snack 10 minutes before our meal was ready. I asked Kilian if there was anything he wanted to cry about so that I could possibly break some sort of record with 5 crying at once. He couldn't come up with anything.

That is ok. I survived. I just need to pay attention and be grateful for the times I get to hear 80 percent of my kids laughing at the same time...and in no time that last 20 percent will be laughing with them!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lucy Lately

There are three lucky people that get to call Lucy big sister:

the look-alike

the roommate

and the blue-eyed one

then there is also the one that gets to call her little sister

Wait. Where is he? Could that he him behind that yellow dust cloth Lucy used to dust the piano? She has subtle and not-so-subtle ways of taking out her frustrations.

Yes, we are still trying to play Christmas songs on the piano.


Yes, we are finding little cars everywhere now that Oliver plays with them.

Also, I need to get a frame for Miss G's picture. I figure I'm doing fairly well to have pictures of baby #5 at all. A frame would be the cherry on top!

* * * * *

Lucy: Mom, do you remember how Kilian was born with the bossiness? Well I think I was born with the sweetness.

She is referring to her extreme love of sugar and all things sweet, not her temperment.

* * * * *

She also got to attend her first official sleep over a few weeks ago.

The new suitcase was carefully packed,

and there was absolutely zero hesitation when saying goodbye to me as she put on her bright pink boa and sunglasses and lined up next to the Hummer limo.

These girls rode to a private dance lesson and then back to her friend's house for pizza and Dance Party on the Wii.

I stuck my head in to see the inside of the limo and get one more picture. I think I wasn't the only mom that wished I had been invited, too!

Of course, they had a blast. I am just really glad I am not the one that has to follow that party!