Friday, March 11, 2011

80 percent

...of my kids were crying at the same time one evening this week while I was cooking dinner.

Oliver was crying "hold you" at my feet, while Genevieve wailed in her swing. Lucy was quietly sobbing after I made her redo some homework. Just before she stopped, Camille started crying when I wouldn't let her have a snack 10 minutes before our meal was ready. I asked Kilian if there was anything he wanted to cry about so that I could possibly break some sort of record with 5 crying at once. He couldn't come up with anything.

That is ok. I survived. I just need to pay attention and be grateful for the times I get to hear 80 percent of my kids laughing at the same time...and in no time that last 20 percent will be laughing with them!


Becky M said...

You always were good at math...and positive thinking!