Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lucy Lately

There are three lucky people that get to call Lucy big sister:

the look-alike

the roommate

and the blue-eyed one

then there is also the one that gets to call her little sister

Wait. Where is he? Could that he him behind that yellow dust cloth Lucy used to dust the piano? She has subtle and not-so-subtle ways of taking out her frustrations.

Yes, we are still trying to play Christmas songs on the piano.


Yes, we are finding little cars everywhere now that Oliver plays with them.

Also, I need to get a frame for Miss G's picture. I figure I'm doing fairly well to have pictures of baby #5 at all. A frame would be the cherry on top!

* * * * *

Lucy: Mom, do you remember how Kilian was born with the bossiness? Well I think I was born with the sweetness.

She is referring to her extreme love of sugar and all things sweet, not her temperment.

* * * * *

She also got to attend her first official sleep over a few weeks ago.

The new suitcase was carefully packed,

and there was absolutely zero hesitation when saying goodbye to me as she put on her bright pink boa and sunglasses and lined up next to the Hummer limo.

These girls rode to a private dance lesson and then back to her friend's house for pizza and Dance Party on the Wii.

I stuck my head in to see the inside of the limo and get one more picture. I think I wasn't the only mom that wished I had been invited, too!

Of course, they had a blast. I am just really glad I am not the one that has to follow that party!