Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Dance

A couple of nights ago Lucy talked Kilian into dressing up for a dance. She put on a fancy dress, and he reluctantly agreed to wear this.

They selected The Blue Danube Waltz as music and when it started, she didn't really want a dance partner after all. She just wanted to spin around on her own. He was a little bit miffed that he went through that trouble for nothing.

In comes Camille. She'll take a dance partner!
I was reluctant to take pictures in case Kilian would change his mind.
He was okay with it, even though he couldn't find his church shoes.
They danced quite a while, then Lucy decided she wanted a partner after all.
costume change!
Quick side note: We love those cardboard blocks that are in 90% of the pictures on this blog. They are stacked up neatly some of the time, but probably not nearly enough. They do get played with almost everyday - and we got the first set about 8 years ago. We got the second this past Christmas. Excellent classic toy!
Back to the dancing
and the lift for the finale!
Oliver, you've got some big shoes to fill when it comes to being a good-sport of a brother!
(ok so those are his dad's shoes not his brother's - I just really like big shoes on toddlers)