Saturday, July 25, 2009


We recently cleaned out and organized our board game cabinets. So instead of blogging, I've been playing Sorry, Chutes and Ladders, and Memory like nobody's business. It's fun to have two kids that are old enough to stay focused for an entire game, and then be a good sport when they don't win. I should disclose that Kilian has some impressive luck in Sorry and Lucy is SUPER GOOD at Memory.

We also sorted all our puzzles into the right boxes. Camille spends time working on puzzles while we play games, and Oliver, well...he still just sleeps a lot. He is over two months old now and sweet as can be.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Things heard around here


good: I am so glad you had Oliver as a baby!

bad: I put my tongue in Oliver's mouth and it feels funny...


good: I'm going to be responsibility and pick up the puzzle even though I didn't get it out.

bad: My head is full of great ideas so you should just drop the charges!


good: So am I going to be on t.v. today?

bad: I'm bored. There is nothing fun to do. I'm bored. What can I do fun?


Can you guess which set of quotes came from which kid??

My thoughts:

In about ten years someone will regret doing so when she hears she put her tongue in her brother's mouth. So will he.

I was trying to make a point about how we sometimes have a part of us that tells us something we are doing is wrong and I didn't think she 'got' it. So I clarified that she might be hearing a little voice in her mind * while pointing to my head * that said she would get in trouble if she kept it up. She came back with the quote about what was in her head instead.

Finally, we really do have two kids starring in local commercials right now. One 5 year old girl didn't feel like participating, or we would have 3 "movie stars".

Saturday, July 11, 2009

No escape...

They are everywhere.
Even here.
Oliver's Tribute to Michael Jackson:

And if we really wanted to go all out, we'd use this picture:

And if I really wanted to go all out, I could sew some sequins on that little "glove", but that would just be silly, wouldn't it?
On second thought, maybe I should just go clip and file those teeny tiny little finger nails instead.

Stayin' put

I just want to announce that we are not moving this summer. For most people, that probably is not necessary, but since we have moved every July lately (2006, 2007, 2008), I thought we would surprise everyone and stay put.

We are very happy in this house. Lucy especially likes the linen closet....see? She tries to sleep in here, but she usually crawls out saying she got too hot.

The Drive-In

Ever wondered how late your kids could stay awake? Our 3 oldest made it past 1:00 am last night (this morning), without having any naps yesterday afternoon. Brad received 2 passes to the drive in movie theater a few months ago. On Wednesday I happened to check to see what movies were playing, and starting last night one of the screens had "Ice Age 3", followed by "Up". The start times were 9:15 pm and 11:10 pm.

They don't charge for kids 5 and under, so with passes we only had to pay $6 for Kilian. That is a pretty good deal considering our family of 6 got to see two newly released movies! We parked the minivan backwards, put the 3rd seat down flat, and covered the floor (and all the goldfish crumbs, shriveled up fries, etc.) with blankets and pillows.

Brad and I sat in two comfy lawn chairs under the stars. The kids were on their tummies, with their heads resting on their hands...sharing apple slices. It was pretty warm, but a nice breeze kept the mosquitoes away. I don't have a picture of this to put on the blog, but I do have a happy memory to file away in my mind. It was great!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Watermelon Update

Kilian's little watermelon seed had sprouted to this when I posted about it in June,
and has now grown to this
with 3 of these hiding underneath!
We are so excited - except maybe Brad. He has planted several other things in his own garden and has yet to see anything as promising at Kilian's watermelons.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

He's still got it...

I was not very surprised that Kilian, Lucy and Camille were all 3 completely fascinated by Oliver the first several days. I am pleased to say that they still can't get enough of him at almost 6 weeks.
Here he is, doing some tummy time with his usual audience. I've started telling them that they cannot be on the blanket with him, in an attempt to give him some 'breathing room'. It works for a few minutes anyway.

Camille + Shoes = Love

Funny that a pair of really nice shoes make us feel good in our heads - at the extreme opposite end of our bodies. ~Levende Waters

Camille has always been very "into" shoes. She thought it was fun to wear other people's shoes around the house at age 1. She loved to look at shoes and try on all sorts and sizes in the store at age 2. At age 3, she can talk a grandma into buying her some "diamond" shoes and pick out clothes that actually match!