Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Drive-In

Ever wondered how late your kids could stay awake? Our 3 oldest made it past 1:00 am last night (this morning), without having any naps yesterday afternoon. Brad received 2 passes to the drive in movie theater a few months ago. On Wednesday I happened to check to see what movies were playing, and starting last night one of the screens had "Ice Age 3", followed by "Up". The start times were 9:15 pm and 11:10 pm.

They don't charge for kids 5 and under, so with passes we only had to pay $6 for Kilian. That is a pretty good deal considering our family of 6 got to see two newly released movies! We parked the minivan backwards, put the 3rd seat down flat, and covered the floor (and all the goldfish crumbs, shriveled up fries, etc.) with blankets and pillows.

Brad and I sat in two comfy lawn chairs under the stars. The kids were on their tummies, with their heads resting on their hands...sharing apple slices. It was pretty warm, but a nice breeze kept the mosquitoes away. I don't have a picture of this to put on the blog, but I do have a happy memory to file away in my mind. It was great!


Liss and MOMMY said...

Ahh! I loved that drive-in. We went all the time. It was the best we didn't have to keep the kids quiet and they could wear there pjs. I forgot all about it. Even there concession stand was cheap!

Liss and MOMMY said...

Oh I forgot tell Lucy that Maude has found a blonde Lucy at church! Every time we see her Maude says "she looks just like Lucy but with yellow hair."