Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Helpful Hint

When my parents were getting ready to leave on Lucy's birthday, I was trying to give her a subtle hint about what she should say to them before they leave.

After she guessed "Bye" and "Happy Birthday?", Kilian thought he would step in.

He said, "Lucy, it starts with a 'ffffffffff' sound". Which is true if you say "fank you for the present" like he does.

The difference between boys and girls

according to Lucy:

Girls have "eye-staches" (pronounced like mustaches) and boys have plain eyes.

Out of practice

I don't usually come in our house through the front door, but our garage door has been a little fickle over the last couple of days. So this morning after getting back from school, I decided to just park in front and use the key in the door. That's not very funny, except that I caught myself pushing the "unlock" button on my car remote while standing in front of the house.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sidewalks in Texas are a little bit less safe now...

Can you guess what Lucy got for her birthday?

Luckily we had some beautiful weather to give it a try this afternoon.

Kilian got to try out his relatively new one (a hand-me-down in super shape) as well today. It just took me a couple of months to air up the tires.

A few of my favorite things

- Christmas trees
- Baby in Christmas p.j.'s
- Goodnight Moon, the book
- Daddy (that just got home) who is willing to read a book before he even takes his coat off

Could it be??

That our Lucy Goosey is 4??

She's holding up 4 fingers and blew out 4 candles, so I guess so!
We celebrated last night by eating at the restaurant in town with the very best chicken strips, of course.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Some kids might sit in a chair to watch a little afternoon PBS. Not Lucy. I found her this way during Clifford, after hearing, "Mommy, I'm stuck".

And stuck she was.

After a few moments of panic we learned that her head is indeed the biggest part of her body.

The little prisoner of the chair was eventually freed after Kilian and I helped her pull her shoulders and hips through. Whew!


Here are our newest Christmas ornaments - and their creator.

Joseph - orange
Mary - blue
Angel and Baby Jesus
hooks and all!

I think they are my new favorites!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Little Mimic

Camille is so much fun these days. She'll repeat just about anything you ask her to!

Don't worry, these are "Brad-approved" organic, trans fat-free Oreos! Seriously!

South Plains Sunset

Halfway to 12

Yesterday was Kilian's 6th birthday! When asked how old he is, he answered "6, halfway to 12" a couple of times. I prefer to not think of it that way. We celebrated with family over taquitos and bowls of tortilla soup.

The "cake" was his idea - he told me he would rather have Krispy Kreme donuts than cake. Who am I to argue with that!! No mess in the kitchen, and a good excuse to pick up blueberry cake donuts, my very favorite!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hygiene and Wardrobe

Me to Kilian, in the car the other night: When we get home you need to jump in the shower before we read stories

Kilian: Hmmph - I wish they would have never thought of showers.

Me to Lucy, after seeing her run around with almsot nothing on for about an hour after school today: You need to go put some clothes on.

Lucy: Who's coming??