Thursday, November 20, 2008

Worst Aunt Ever!

While I was on a blogging sabbatical during the month of October...two VERY important things happened.

Avery Grace
was born on October 1, 2008

Avery is my sister's first baby, and Camille and I were lucky enough to go help out some when she was about 3 weeks old. She is coming to visit us for Thanksgiving, at which time I will help her mommy create a blog.


Xavier Kolbe
was born on October 30, 2008

Xavier is Brad's brother's 4th son. We are counting down the days until Christmas when we will get to meet him in person. You can see lots more pictures of Xavier and his handsome brothers by clicking here.

The economics of a craving

For some reason when I am pregnant, I lose my usual sweet tooth and want spicy/salty things. This time around I have been wanting buffalo wings everyday. It turns out there are several ways to satisfy such a craving:

Most expensive:
On a whim, walk into WingStop and order a combo with wings, the best fries in the world, a drink, and say yes when they ask you if you want ranch dressing. Then they will charge you for that tiny little cup of ranch. But oh so good.

Less expensive:
Go into Buffalo Wild Wings on 40 cent wings day (Tuesday) and cave in when they ask if you want their "Buffalo chips with cheese" (which are circle shaped fries with melted cheese). Get smart when they ask if you want ranch dressing. Use your own ranch at home.

Almost cheap:
Talk your family into going to Cici's Pizza so they can get whatever kind of pizza/pasta/salad they want. Eat about 6 or 7 pieces of their buffalo chicken pizza and dip into a cup of ranch from their salad bar.

Pretty cheap:
Order some chicken strips from McDonalds and ask for some extra containers of their buffalo sauce for dipping. Don't order fries, and go home and drink water.

Super cheap:
Drink from the left over containers of buffalo sauce from McDonalds - skip the chicken.

How much does it cost to make your own buffalo wings? Gross - are you kidding?? I don't touch raw chicken wings when I have morning sickness.

The good news:
Buffalo wings haven't sounded good in over a week!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A trimester worth of updates

Long time no blog....
While I know I didn't have it as bad as some, I spent a good part of the last couple of months a little queezy and super tired. I am feeling much better now. I don't require 14 hours of sleep a day, and I can walk past the seafood counter in the grocery store instead of covering my nose with my shirt and running past it.

Here is what we've been up to during my awake hours (in reverse chronological order):

We trick or treated - Camille did NOT care for her costume. I forced her into it saying over and over that Halloween is supposed to be "FUN".

Our "ninja" scored the most candy. We ration it out at the rate of 1 per day - and if they don't make the time to brush their teeth in the morning before school, no sweets after school. It has worked wonders for my morning "slow poke" - below.

Minnie without her "ears".

The not so happy flower. I think she only scored about 4 pieces of candy.

One Saturday night my sweet husband took pity on me since I didn't feel like cooking and let us go out to eat.

Lucy fell asleep like this at the table before we even ordered. I didn't know one could balance that well in her sleep.

Here is Lucy dreaming of more time at the beach.

Kilian has joined cub scouts and was super excited to go on his first camping trip with Brad.

Camille and I went to an apple orchard in September. It was the first time for both of us.

We learned that when you go the week after the Apple Butter Festival, the pickins are slim. It was fun anyway.

Camille on her way into "Parents Day Out". When we pull into the parking lot, she gets excited and says "I see Ms. Kristen's house!!!".

This is always the first thing she goes for once she enters the room. This girl loves baby dolls!

Two cheezy kids in their uniforms before school.

Camille finally got her first haircut at 2 years and 3 months. Lucy got her first haircut at only 5 months!!

Thanks for checking in on us!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voter Intimidation

I voted today. No line at all. I did not see any Black Panthers, or hear groups of people saying "mean things" to people with my candidate's sticker on their cars. The only intimidation I experienced was the 2 sweet elderly woman insisting that Camille and I have some donuts and coffee/ice water as we walked toward the "exit" door. I gave in with a smile.