Friday, December 7, 2007

Halfway to 12

Yesterday was Kilian's 6th birthday! When asked how old he is, he answered "6, halfway to 12" a couple of times. I prefer to not think of it that way. We celebrated with family over taquitos and bowls of tortilla soup.

The "cake" was his idea - he told me he would rather have Krispy Kreme donuts than cake. Who am I to argue with that!! No mess in the kitchen, and a good excuse to pick up blueberry cake donuts, my very favorite!!


Liss and MOMMY said...

Happy Birthday! I can't believe your half way to 12, I remember when...
We love you! Wish we had been there to celebrate with Krispy Kreme's!

Emily said...

What an awesome cake idea! I wish my kids would ask for that. I'm baking cake this afternoon and not really in the mood for it. Oh well.