Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hygiene and Wardrobe

Me to Kilian, in the car the other night: When we get home you need to jump in the shower before we read stories

Kilian: Hmmph - I wish they would have never thought of showers.

Me to Lucy, after seeing her run around with almsot nothing on for about an hour after school today: You need to go put some clothes on.

Lucy: Who's coming??


Emily said...

"Who's coming?"!!!!!!!
I've heard that one before when I've demanded that they finally don clothes!!!! Glad to hear I'm not the only one!

Lael said...

What might be worse is that they sometimes ask that when I vacuum, too.

Our Lucy (it is a great name, huh?) can run around with 1 article of clothing on for days, then she'll suddenly be modest and demand that no one looks at her when she changes into pj's one night. Then she'll be over it the next morning. Not very consistent!

I may try photoshopping some clothes on her like you - then I could start posting more pictures :)

Lillian said...

Hi Lael!! .... and BTJ!

Love your blog!! And your kiddos are BEAUTIFUL!!!

I hope you don't mind if I stop in every once and a while (when I'm not searching for lost items!! ) ;-)

Lael said...

Hi Lillian!!

I've kinda been meaning to make a big announcement about joining the blogosphere, but just haven't. I was pretty timid at first, but this is pretty fun!

I've enjoyed your blog for months now - I'll try not to be so quiet and leave some comments.