Sunday, July 19, 2009

Things heard around here


good: I am so glad you had Oliver as a baby!

bad: I put my tongue in Oliver's mouth and it feels funny...


good: I'm going to be responsibility and pick up the puzzle even though I didn't get it out.

bad: My head is full of great ideas so you should just drop the charges!


good: So am I going to be on t.v. today?

bad: I'm bored. There is nothing fun to do. I'm bored. What can I do fun?


Can you guess which set of quotes came from which kid??

My thoughts:

In about ten years someone will regret doing so when she hears she put her tongue in her brother's mouth. So will he.

I was trying to make a point about how we sometimes have a part of us that tells us something we are doing is wrong and I didn't think she 'got' it. So I clarified that she might be hearing a little voice in her mind * while pointing to my head * that said she would get in trouble if she kept it up. She came back with the quote about what was in her head instead.

Finally, we really do have two kids starring in local commercials right now. One 5 year old girl didn't feel like participating, or we would have 3 "movie stars".


Bobbi said...

are you going to post a video clip of the commercials when you get them? I hope so!! What are they commercials for and how did that happen? sounds like fun!