Monday, September 20, 2010

Grammy's Visit

We were lucky enough to have Brad's mom come visit for a week recently. If you know Grammy, you know that we are now very well fed, better organized, and have lots of little fix-it projects taken care of.

Our freezer has some stored up food for just before or after baby arrives. We also have a solution for the little blondie that loves playing in the potty. These latch/hooks on the outside of the bathroom doors work well because Camille can reach them, but Oliver cannot. (He can reach all door handles, though).

We also have our mantle decorated with something other than match books, dried up palm branches, changing pad, remote controls, junk mail, 2 cigars (not mine!) and random toys that were put in time out because of fighting.

...and the "funny" I want to remember...Kilian has been enjoying the Magic Tree House books again. Between the ones we own and 3 or 4 at a time from our library, he only had a couple left. Grammy had heard this, and offered to take "just him" shopping at a book store to get those that he had not read. He informed us that he had filled in all the gaps with his teacher's collection at school. Grammy then offered to take him to look for any other books he would like to buy at the store. His response?

"Well - I think I just want to go read books in the store for about an hour. I could probably read about $50 worth because they cost a lot there and that way you won't have to spend any money."

Not sure if his dad or Uncle Darren are more proud of his frugality. Thanks for everything, Grammy! Bring PawPaw next time!


Quite Sensible Indeed said...

Glad you had a good visit! I wish I were there the share Carolyn's cooking.