Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cardboard Artists

During a trip to Sam's, Brad's mom suggested that we take home three very large pieces of thin cardboard (that were separating the paper towel packages) for the kids to play with. I forget to think about the freebies you can find there.

They immediately started their art projects and stayed busy for most of the evening.

Kilian duplicated a picture of a dog howling at the moon (with music notes, a lightning bug, fence, tree, moon and stars) that he had drawn and colored at school for a contest. It now hangs on his wall above his bed.

A few days later we found out that his original drawing has moved on to the next level of the school contest.

Lucy drew mermaids in an undersea world with some "you and me together" song lyrics (seashells and all!)

Camille drew a scene that at first resembled Kilan's fence and tree, but in hers it remained daytime and some flowers bloomed at the bottom.
The girls also have their masterpieces on their wall.

I cannot fully explain the poses...but here are my observations: Camille looks like an NBA player from the 70's holding a toy yorkie and Lucy is modeling her tassel from kindergarten graduation.