Sunday, October 31, 2010

Costume Time

Happy Halloween! Here is what our crew looked like this evening:
Oliver as the "Fire Breathing Dragon"
Camille as a "Care Bear" (costume A)
Camille as "Cinderella" (Costume B - because she was just too hot in Costume A)
Lucy as Queen Lucy, or "The Queen of Chocolate"
Kilian as a homemade "Rubik's Cube"
Me as an "8-month-pregnant lady that steals chocolate from her kids".
(very convincing costume, I know.)
Pay no attention to the various sized googly eyes all over the floor. A certain fire-breathing dragon dumped out a box containing hundreds of those fun and crafty, yet no fun to pick up things today.


Quite Sensible Indeed said...

Great costumes! The Rubik's cube is very impressive. You look great and dress is super cute.

Colleen said...

The Rubik's cube is incredible! Jonathan will be so jealous! :)

Lael said...

Thanks to both of you on the Rubik's cube. I saw it in a magazine while waiting to see my doctor and it was actually very easy!

Colleen, Jonathan is more worthy of it...he knows how to solve the real kind and we don't!!