Saturday, November 20, 2010

November it is!

Ironically, I actually have time to blog now that I am sitting in my labor and delivery room at the hospital. Never mind that countdown on the right. There are not 14 days until baby arrives because it is happening today!

We've never had an early baby before (although yesterday was my original due date before it was bumped to December 4th). I had made out my "To do before baby list", but not really accomplished much on it since I was counting on a December arrival. That's ok though - we're obviously very excited to meet him or her in a few hours!!

Here are pictures of Oliver that I had started to post several days ago. He was sporting Aggie maroon and enjoying his days as "the baby". I know that the next time I see him he will seem so big and grown up next to his tiny new sibling!

We'll post again when there is official baby news!


Colleen said...

Oh, how exciting! Prayers for you and the baby!

Lillian said...

Keeping you and baby in my prayers! How exciting!