Saturday, November 27, 2010

James - Party of 7

One week old already!
Last Saturday evening my parents made a deal with the older kids that if the baby arrived before 8:00 pm, they would come meet him/her that night. If it was later, they would wait until the next morning.
Brad had also made a deal with me. If the new baby arrived before 7:00 pm, he would pay attention and be present for the birth. If it was later, he would be watching "THE GAME" and see how I was during commercials :)
Genevieve arrived at 6:15 pm, so everyone was happy!

That night they just popped in for a couple of minutes. They came back the next day for a chance to hold her.
Kilian will be 9 in a couple of weeks and is definitely a pro at being the big brother.

Lucy is thrilled to have another "brown haired girl" that resembles herself as a newborn.

Camille loves having a little sister to kiss on the head.

Oliver was in no mood to attempt to hold a one day old. We settled for this that night, but he is learning to be very "foft" with her now that we are home.

Here we are - waiting for the wheelchair for the ride to the car.

and the going home outfit, specially picked out by her great-grandma (Memaw).