Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Aggie Girls

It's going to be tough to raise 5 Aggies in Lubbock.

Camille has already defected to liking Texas Tech.

Kilian was leaning toward Tech, but decided to wait until he is able to tour the Texas A&M campus before making a "final decision". We hope to do so this spring.

Genevieve is 2-0 with Aggie football at the age of 1 week old. For now we feel good about her loyalty.

Lucy is the die-hard, though. She loves maroon and carefully avoids other school paraphernalia.

My mom found this cute shirt on her way through College Station last month.

This was taken during the game on Thanksgiving day.

Also, I learned how to spell the word paraphernalia today. Trying to keep the brain stimulated in between all these diaper changes!


Anonymous said...

hi lael!
congratulations on your new little bundle. I wish i could meet your kids and watch them play with mine. You have such a beautiful family. hope i get to see you again someday i always liked you a lot.
merry xmas and happy new years!