Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello Again

I've been away so long - I don't even know where to start. So, here are some random thoughts about life as a family of 7 before I go back to starting December birthdays/events in chronological order.

1. Our mom's group from church met at an indoor play land a couple of weeks ago. I made it (almost on time) with the youngest two. You would think that this being my fifth time around I would have remembered a diaper bag. Nope.

2. I heard Oliver saying "Ahhhh Ahhhh" and found him sticking his arm into Genevieve's crib with his toothbrush in hand trying to give her gums a good scrub. This is just one example of why we always have to put her in the back right corner of her crib.

3. I am amused when I get the "Wow, you have your hands full" comment when I'm out and about with only Camille and Genevieve.

4. Several months before Genevieve was born, I posted here about Kilian's preferences on the baby's first name, so that we could spell something cool with their initials. G.L.O.C.K. is not what either of us had in mind.

5. For at least 19 months, I've been meaning to update the profile picture on the right so that it includes Oliver, now what a waste that would have been. Efficiency is the key for me in 2011. I'll add two babies to it at the same time.

6. No nickname for Genevieve yet - except when emailing. Miss G or just G seems to work well. 9 letters make for a long name! I imagine that we will start calling her Genny or Genna or Evie at some point. Oliver very generically still refers to her as "baby".

7. I find myself asking Kilian to do lots of things to help with the others while Brad is not home, yet at the same time I hear myself telling him to stop parenting. I don't have a very good answer when he asks for clarification on what he should and shouldn't do!

8. I have regained the skill required of all new moms. I typed this entire post with one hand while holding Miss G.


Anonymous said...

YEAHY you are back!!!!
We have been stalking the page ha- ha, waiting for more pics of the kiddos, we miss them a lot!