Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kilian's Naming Rules

Before we even found out that we were expecting baby #5, Kilian had figured out that the first initials of our kids spelled the word "lock" (Lucy, Oliver, Camille, Kilian).

He let me know that when we had another baby, we needed to use a B (block), F (flock), S (locks), or if we were sure we would have two more kids, we could use E and then D (locked).

Now that we have been talking names for this baby -he has strong feelings on our ideas based on these rules. We actually have the name for either boy or girl nailed down now, which is crazy early for us! We're not telling if they follow Kilian's rules though. We're saving the name for a surprise as well as gender*.

*Full disclosure. When I had my 20 weeks sonogram I did tell the tech that I didn't want to know the gender. Then I proceeded to look as hard as I could to see what I could see...or not see. I think I know, but I'm not publishing my "unofficial" findings. Only 17 or so weeks until we know for sure!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lael,

This is your husband. We have the names "nailed down"? Really? I was unaware ...


Lael said...

Yes we do. They are totally decided. You agreed (even though you might have been a little bit sleepy at the time.)