Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Summed Up

He turned 1

She graduated from Kindergarten

She turned 4

We were the proud owners of a pet turtle
(until it died about 19 hours later)
She baked

She baked and iced

and he "cooked" so much we started calling him "Little Chef"

(Also - "cook" was his fifth word)

She graduated from "tumblebugs"

He built things

We made evening trips to various parks (many, many times)
He trained an apprentice bug catcher

We went to

Canyon Lake

with cousins
He played ball

She got a haircut and we all went to an amusement park

finally, my belly grew ~ and "Cinco's" due date was moved to December 4th!


Karen said...

I was wondering where you guys have been. I miss your posts

Quite Sensible Indeed said...

So excited for an update! Where to begin commenting...

Love Lucy's super cute cut! I am so proud Oliver is already a foodie too! His shortall is just adorable. A blogger after my own heart - posting in the middle of the night!

Erin said...

I was just showing this to Wes and reading it again and realized-Mackenzie's due date was december 4th last year! Cool! Her actual b-day is Nov 24th though....

Lael said...

Neat! With my track record, I am expecting this to happen more like Dec 11th or 12th...Brad just doesn't want him/her to pick the A&M v. t.u. football game time to arrive :)