Saturday, January 29, 2011


Kilian had a small but fun little birthday party with two friends. At least I think I'm remembering the details correctly because Genevieve was 13 days old, .

It was our first time to host a sleepover with friends (we do have some cousin experience though!). It was so easy! Brad took them to eat at IHOP, then to a neat little neighborhood to see Christmas lights, ride a horse carriage, and play in the "snow" (which tasted like soap). No camera made it on this outing.

They came home and sang to Kilian while one friend played the piano. Then they automatically put on pj's and brushed teeth after watching Charlie Brown Christmas. As Brad, Grammy (his mom) and I were discussing setting a bed time limit, we looked around the corner and they had their sleeping bags out by the Christmas tree and were saying prayers. They were asleep in no time!

The next morning Grammy helped them make Jolly Rancher ornaments. They look like stained glass after they cook.

A couple of days later on his actual birthday, Kilian placed an order for specific types of donuts for us to acquire during the school day. That evening he made his own "cake" with some interesting architecture. Totally his idea, but it worked for me...I got Red Velvet cookies made for his class at school, but no other official cake at home.

9 words to describe Kilian:

1. helpful
2. curious
3. creative
4. focused
5. reader
6. serious
7. analytical
8. polite
9. tumbling

Finally, a picture of his Benjamin Franklin milk jug project/report from the fall that never made it here.


Anonymous said...

Kilian, AWESOME Donut Cake!!!!
You did a wonderful job on your Ben Franklin!!!
We love youuuuuu!!!
The OTHER James Family

Anonymous said...

You are so into it!