Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Magical Wand

Lucy has been talking about wanting a "real" magic wand from Santa this Christmas. I guess it is pretty early to be talking about Christmas wishes, but since we talk about our December baby so much I can see why it is on her mind.

She has a long list (that she discusess often) of what she would do with her wand. It always begins with wanting to be a mermaid and making our house full of water. She would also like to change into a flying fairy when she doesn't want to swim. Then she mentions making our car fly when we need to go somewhere.

Finally, her practical side comes through (and my favorite part)...she wishes we could say POOF! and the dishes would be clean, POOF! and the dirty diaper is taken care of, POOF! all the laundry is done, etc.

I sure hope your Christmas wishes come true, Lucy!


The Norris Family said...

Last Christmas Sam wanted an umbrella that would make him fly (like Mary Poppins). We saw Peter Pan a few months back and now he keeps asking if we can get a wire thingy that "attaches to the wall" so he can fly. He is obsessed w/ flying and doesn't understand why he can't :)

Bobbi said...

when i was little i used to have dreams of one of my mom's fish tanks busting and filling the whole house with water; we would swim around in it just like the fish.

Zach said...

Just wait until you read Harry Potter.