Monday, September 20, 2010

Her new approach

Lucy does not like most of the meals I cook. Pretty much if two ingredients touch each other, she gears up for a long night at the table. She knows that what is fixed for dinner will be what she eats. 99% of the time we stick to our rule that she must have at least one bite of everything in order to leave the table, but must finish her plate in order to have a dessert (if there is one that night).

She also knows that I am tired of hearing her complain about what is on the menu plan. So I found this note tonight.

"from Kilian to Mom

I do not wont lzonya for dinr and I theek that Lucy is the best."

Interesting because Kilian knows how to spell these words correctly (well, maybe not lasagna). She got so many laughs at this attempt that she wrote two more of *Kilian's* requests to not have meals that he likes just fine.


Colleen said...

I just saw your comment on Colleen's Green Grass, and saw that you have 4 beautiful kids, and work in accounting? Me too :) Although you are a little ahead of me, being pregnant with #5 already :) Congrats!