Monday, November 5, 2007

Little Business Man

As Kilian was making himself a snack a few days ago, he had an idea. Here he is explaining it. oh yeah - The weird sound in the background is Camille playing with the straw in my Sonic cup. Apparently I have learned how to hold a baby, a drink and film at the same time.

It was completely his idea - pricing and all. A few minutes after I took the video, he asked me how to spell "whole grain". He wants everyone to know they are healthy! No question he's Brad's son!!

So yesterday we set it all up. He had 3 customers and was a little bit disappointed with that. I think he was expecting a long line of people. Luckily, a tip for good service from my dad, "G-pa" cheered him up.


Liss and MOMMY said...

Kilian I will take 3. Because I have 3 kids and they would love them. The only thing is they might not do well in the mail. So next time you are here or we are there we will have to make them and I will pay you. You did a great job.

Lael said...

You got it - and we'll even try to remember washing hands before he makes them for you guys :) He played in the sandpile for about an hour before the business opened. It wasn't until after he made the first sandwich that I asked if his hands were clean! (So the first one went to him - not my mom.)

Anonymous said...

I bet the Peanut butter was better than my selling ice cream cones in 95 degrees my gosh they meltede before they were made!
-Lauren(whose one of your students)