Thursday, March 27, 2008

Things that make me happy:

- having such nice weather that we can leave our back door open for kids and puppy (but no bugs yet) to go in and out freely.

- seeing the puppy choose to be outside the door when he relieves himself

- being able to understand Camille's way of saying "Marching Dinosaurs" when she wants to listen to the Laurie Berkner CD.

- hearing the enthusiasm in Kilian's voice when he 'knows' he found a dinosaur bone by digging in the back yard.

- figuring out that homemade chicken fried steak made with whole grain flour is actually really good.

- celebrating my sweet husband's birthday by getting to eat grilled salmon at my parents in about an hour from now!!

Happy Birthday Brad!


Liss and MOMMY said...

Sorry I haven't called back. We would love the bear. I have been back and forth at the vets with Jordan for 2 days. It does not look good for our sweet Jordan. He will be 13 on April 1st so we have been very lucky!

Tell Brad happy late Birthday!

Alexis D. said...

Howdy Lael! Happy Birthday Brad! It's been ages since we saw y'all!! Glad we all have blogs to keep up on each other's lives!