Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'll get the stamp and envelope ready

I try to limit the "screen time" our kids get each day (t.v., computer, dvd player, etc.) and Kilian has learned to plan ahead. He knew that WIPEOUT came on last night, so he skipped watching his usual afternoon PBS shows so that he could enjoy the only prime time show that interests him.

You can imagine how disappointed he was to find a presidential address about health care on at 7 pm instead. I saw that they just bumped WIPEOUT to 8 and told him not to worry.
So at 8 pm, Obama is still talking and Pelosi is still jumping up out of her seat to clap and bedtime is quickly approaching...Kilian says, and I am quoting him exactly,
"Obama is the worst president ever! Can he really do this? Can people write him a letter and ask him to not come on tv when WIPEOUT is on?"