Tuesday, December 15, 2009

London - Part 2

We meant to set off bright and early on Monday morning to be good tourists. Switching to the new time zone proved difficult and we slept quite a bit later than we meant to.

I think all visitors probably get at least one picture with a red phone booth. We had to chose our angle carefully to not let the KFC trash in the booth show up in our picture.

We walked past this old church building on the way to the tube. If I remember right, it is being converted into a theater. Lots of old church buildings are being used for other purposes (rather than being torn down.)

The Tube (subway)
Waterloo Station - both underground and above-ground trains stop here. It looked like a mall on one side and was covered with glass (plastic?), but it was still very cool and a little breezy.

Oliver in his brown pea coat

The London Eye

Oliver loved it...

An example of how the weather goes from sunny to rainy to sunny to cloudy to rainy, etc. This was a fast moving cloud and it did get very windy that day.

The 3 of us on the Eye - If I converted meters to feet correctly, it is about 442 feet high.

Not so clear view of Big Ben and Parliament

Big Ben from the Eye again

Walk way along River Thames

Big Ben from the bridge

Two impressive and important-looking old buildings with a monument between them. We were amazed at how many things you see like this that aren't marked well, and don't get mentioned in some travel guides. I guess when everything is old and beautiful, some just get ignored.

It turned out that the building on the right is over the Winston Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms. We came back a couple of days later to go down into that bunker. I learned a lot about WWII and what a sense of humor Winston Churchill had.