Monday, April 5, 2010

Now to catch up

"Super K"

  • preparing for 1st communion
  • creepy crawly season has started (mostly roly polies, slugs and spiders so far)
  • loving gymnastics


  • trying to grow 4 front teeth in - not unlike her baby brother
  • making big progress with reading
  • being agreeable - she often (but not always) lets Camille have the purple cup or lets Kilian have the last granola bar just to be nice.


  • looking out her window and telling me every morning that it "looks like mall weather!" (regardless of if it is 65 degrees and sunny or snowing).
  • mastering the fake cry
  • helping me dust (see video....and turn the volume way down or's loud!)


  • waving, clapping, trying new foods, cruising around and standing for a couple of seconds w/o holding on to anything
  • other milestones we can check off the list: played in potty water for the first time (3/24/2010), ate dog food (3/26/2010), and started blowing raspberries while being fed pureed food (3/27/2010).
  • still not sleeping through the night
  • favorite word/sound - very low "duh" - example below.
me: hi oliver
him: duh

me: good morning!! are you ready for breakfast?
him: duh

brad: what are you doing?
him: duh

Brad: Do you need a new diaper?
him: duh


The Norris Family said...

I call my Ollie "Ollie bear" too! Glad to hear an update and that everyone is doing well.

KMurphy said...

Well, it's about time. I though you had stop blogging. I check everyday and I have been soo disappointed not to see any updates.

Bobbi said...

go camille! love that hip thrust!! haha. Nice to reading a new blog from you. your family is beautiful, as ever. :) take care! happy belated easter!

Lael said...

Emily - that's funny! We didn't have any nickname for a while and we don't seem to use Ollie by itself, but Ollie bear has stuck. It rolls off the tongue, huh?

I know, Karen. Without meaning to, I guess I gave blogging up for Lent?? I'll try to not abandon it like that again. I need to document what these guys are up to because I can't remember much otherwise.

Thanks, Bobbi! Happy Easter (season) to you, too! I can't wait for you to put some new pics out there :)