Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oliver turns 2!

In the middle of the May end-of-the-school-year craziness, we celebrated Oliver's second birthday with some cool number "2" and truck shaped sugar cookies. Sadly, I am still looking for where I saved the pictures from that evening. The cute thing about that was that for several weeks when someone would ask how old he is, he said "aahver 2! num num num" and pretend like he was gobbling up his 2 shaped cookies like Cookie Monster.

A couple of things I want to remember about 2 year old Oliver:

After months and months of riding on a pink and purple Barbie tricycle, he got his own blue one.
And ride it he does! In the day, at night, outside, inside, fully dressed, diaper only, both hands on the handles, or sometimes with one hand holding on to various trucks and cars. It is way too hot most of the time for me go out to the front yard with him, so I just let him ride in the house. I've only seen him standing on the seat in order to reach the gum a couple of times. Oh, and he can chew gum for up to 30 minutes before spitting it in the trash.

He sleeps with cars and trucks and with books about cars and trucks, after reading books about cars and trucks to his cars and trucks.

He is a ham. He finds what he can do to make his brother and sisters laugh, and will milk it for as long as possible. Side note: Camille can carry on an impressive fake laugh for quite some time.

Finally, we are starting to work on using the potty. Of course, we like to say that big boys use the potty. After going once, he told me "I big boy", I said that yes, he was and he followed up with "I cute".

You've come a long way in two years, Ollie-bear...

and as your mother, I agree with you on both counts!


Quite Sensible Indeed said...

Oh Oliver! You are a big boy and so so cute. Your pal George has a very similar frog shortall.