Sunday, September 30, 2012


4 months ago we were all waiting to meet our little twin boys - wondering what a "nest" this full would feel like.

I had made it past the piano concert, Oliver's birthday, awards ceremonies, kindergarten graduation and last day of school parties, which I never imaged would be the case.  On 5/30 I had a doctor's appointment where we decided to induce the next day, at exactly 38 weeks.

So Brad and I got to go out on a date on our last pre-twin evening while grandparents watched the kids.  The food was great, but no restaurant chair or car ride on the way was very comfortable when you look like this.  I was not able to sleep much at all that night - part worry about twin complications and part excitement about meeting the boys and part excitement about taking deep breaths again.  Pregnancies are always pretty easy for me, but the last few weeks of twins were a totally different story.  I felt like my skin was not going to be able to contain them when they moved around.  I think I googled something about if exploding bellies are possible at one point :)  

 We checked in bright and early on Thursday, 5/31.  Both babies were head down, and all was well.  My doctor was ready, after not being the one to deliver Oliver and Genevieve) and my very good friend Kim was all set to be my doula.  Contractions progressed very slowly at first, but I kept warning them I go from 4 to 10 cm very quickly.  My mom had dropped by to see how things were going around lunch time.  She left at about 1:30 (give or take) to run some errands while I was a 5 and all was calm and quiet after my trusty epidural was in place.  Soon after she left I told the nurse I thought I should be checked {10!} and within a few minutes I was rolled into the operating room (always the case for twin deliveries should there be a need for an emergency c-section) where about 18-20 people were ready to assist.

I felt like I was in a movie with the bright lights and little operating table and so much activity and different conversations all around me.  My most vivid memory is hearing the anesthesiologist that was monitoring my heart rate and oxygen right behind me ask Brad if these are our first babies.  When Brad said "actually makes 6 and 7", the guy very loudly said "OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  7??  7!!! OH MY GOODNESS!  I COULD NEVER, I HAVE 2 AND I CANNOT IMAGINE!  7??  I mean that is great.  Congratulations."  He cracked me up and prepared me for the reaction I get all the time now.

And then after a quick and ridiculously easy delivery, our sweet number 6, Brendan Thomas James was born at 2:54 pm.

Then they did a sonogram right then to see how Baby B was positioned, which can change while Baby A is born.  Sure enough, we had a breech baby at that point.  The multiples/high risk doctor was paged and while we were waiting on him to scrub up, Baby B kicked, broke the water and let my Dr. catch his foot!  They were able to perform a "textbook breech extraction", which was great for the 4 med students that made up a nice audience.  Our cutie little number 7, Patrick Thomas James made his grand entrance at 3:05 pm.  Hearing two screaming newborns while the pediatric teams checked the babies was definitely what made "twindom" seem real!

We were wheeled back into my L&D room and were admiring the little guys when my mom popped back in to check on me at 3:30 (or so).  She was shocked to see us holding babies because there was really no time to call or text anyone because it all happened so fast.  The nurse that weighed the babies went to get a second scale because she couldn't believe their weights.  Brendan - 7 lb 7 oz and Patrick 6 lb 11 oz!!  I had 14 lb 2 oz of baby - crazy!!  They were without question not identical twins.  I think Brad was pretty relieved to  know he could tell them apart.

I was so, so, so grateful for 2 boys that were so big and healthy.  Our prayers (and those of family and friends) for no bed rest, no c-section, and no NICU were all answered.  I can only describe my feelings of relief and overabundant blessing as floating on clouds the rest of that day and night.  I had read so many stories of twin birth timing and scenarios that I knew to not take this for granted.

That evening the oldest 3 kids came to meet the boys.  No hospital provided "Big Brother/Big Sister" buttons this time around. I think we used up all their supply when Genevieve was born.

The first night at the hospital went pretty well although they were s.l.o.w. eaters and I had such a hard time waking them up for feedings.  I was still super high on adrenaline and didn't always fall asleep even when babies were sleeping and no one was taking my blood pressure, etc.  I enjoyed the spaciousness of my queen size hospital bed in the new part of the hospital, while these two boys were happier smooshed into one little bed.

Oliver came to see them the next day.  He was really happy to talk to his "twin new babies".

We were released right after lunch on Saturday afternoon.  We got home just before it was time for Camille to leave for her big dance recital.  A friend and her helpful daughter came to stay with the littlest 4 and me while all grandparents, Brad, Kilian, and Lucy went to watch her.  I have since watched the recital DVD with her dozens of times to make up for that fact.

The books about twins I had checked out from the library had described in detail why so many people have hired help, or night nannies, for twins.  Holy moly!!  I think Brad and I got about three 20 minute naps that first night, but we survived and it is much, much better now @ 4 months.  More updates to come.... eventually!


Elizabeth said...

Love it when you blog, Lael!! I think I have googled 'exploding belly' with just one baby. Ha! It is SO great that you were able to go without C-section and NICU- what a tremendous blessing.

Quite Sensible Indeed said...

Great update! I have figured out what makes a good blog - POSTS! I especially like yours because you have loads of interesting and funny content. X

Lillian said...

Oh, Lael! I'm just now catching up on my blogs! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can't believe how smoothly your twin birth went. They're absolutely gorgeous!! Besides the fatigue, I bet having two babies must be such a hoot!!! I would be all over twin outfits. Again, Congratulations to you and BTJ. Do all your kids have the same middle name?