Wednesday, October 10, 2007

For those that haven't seen it...

Camille can walk, and pretty fast.

If you get motion sickness or have a fear of large birds, don't watch.

I turned off the camera abruptly there at the end, but we survived!!


Liss and MOMMY said...

Love the new blog. You are showing me up with the videos. I need to learn how to do that. We would also have to video which we never do. Can't wait to hear about the kids. Maude talked about Lucy for 2 days straight after Sunday. She kept telling the boys I am going to spend the night with Lucy. We will have to get together on schedules. Talk to you later, Melissa

Veronica said...

baby's want the oddest things at times!

Katie said...

This is so cute! Rope is sitting here with me and when he heard your voice on the computer, he started to smile and coo and look for you. (he does think you are his mama! jk) This is a pretty neat deal. I think I may have to get something like this to share with family.

Lael said...

Melissa -
Thanks! The videos are actually a lot easier than I thought. You just treat them like a picture for the most part.
Lucy is really excited about Maude coming, too! I wonder how long they will both fit on one twin bed?

Lael said...

Katie -
I'm ready to see the little guy tomorrow!
Creating a blog like this is super easy. The only hard part is coming up with a name for it that hasn't already been used.