Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Wedding

One way or another, all 5 of us were involved in my sister, Mandy's, wedding on Saturday. The wedding was beautiful, the food was great, and the newlyweds are now relaxing in the mountains on their honeymoon.

Here are the highlights, as far as my kids go:

- the 5 year old "Ring Burier" was a trooper during rehearsal and through all the afternoon pictures (in a tux while it was about 90 degrees outside). However, just before the actual ceremony he got the chills and his stomach hurt and he had to lay down on his little ring-bearer pillow and cover up with a table cloth we borrowed from the caterer. He had fever and was trying to hang in there just long enough to walk down the aisle. He did, but couldn't stand any longer and wound up leaning on my mom (Mother of the Bride) on the front row. Poor guy. I know he wasn't faking because with a couple of tears running down his cheeks, he said he wanted to go home, even without any cake.

- the 3 year old "Flower Thrower" managed to look like she knew what she was doing during the ceremony, even after skipping out on part of rehearsal to play on the nearby playground. I was relieved when she so willingly put on the dress, tights, shoes and bow in her hair for pictures. She posed and smiled. All was well until we caught her with her dress off, tights at her ankles, trying to unbuckle a shoe about 4 minutes before time to walk down the aisle!! Crisis averted with a small bribe (involving cake). She ended the night as a barefoot dancer - minimal icing smudged on the dress.

- the 1 year old "Honorary Flower Girl" did well for pictures, but missed the ceremony due to screaming when she saw me (Matron of Honor) walking in. She let about a dozen people pass her around during the ceremony, ate her cake with only a diaper and dress shoes on, then enjoyed a nice dance with the Bride to "Twist".

Congratulations Mandy and Mike!