Thursday, January 3, 2008

Afternoon Tea

OK - I'll procrastinate work just a little bit. I wanted to share what the kids have been asking for when we get home from school. Just like most pre-schoolers in West Texas, they wanted crumpets and tea.

Unlike their Grammy, on this particular day I was not talented enough to bake crumpets and cook supper at the same time. So they had to settle for tea and those organic, trans-fat free Oreo's again. I do have a good crumpet recipe if any needs one, though. Here is Lucy at Grammy's with crumpets.

Kilian may not think this is so cool in a few years, but for now he says "I wish I was the King of New England so I could have tea everyday!".

How do they take their hot tea you ask?? Sugar, cream and a little bit of Hershey's syrup. That Grammy is pretty creative :)

*just a side note* Camille's first sentence was "want more tea".


Emily said...

Mmmmmm.... I never thought about putting chocolate in tea. Thanks for a new pregnancy craving!;)

Lael said...

You are so welcome - We've been adding it to Vanilla Honey Chamomile. Let me know how you like it!

Also, I bought the Omnivore's Dilemma for Brad for Christmas. When he opened it he asked "is this the one from Emily's blog?". I guess he's been following you, too.

The James Family: Ang,DJ,Ryan,Phil,Max said...

Awwww! What a cool big brother!!!!!!

Sweet Lucy, I love how she can roughhouse but then have a dainty tea party too!!!!

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

This is adorable! Makes me long for a girl :) Ahhhh...tea parties and crumpets. (My boys would be all over that too, haha)

You have a beautiful family!