Saturday, January 19, 2008

What I like about

  • a 6 year old - He's smart enough to know that if he yells "Mom" to get my attention at a basketball game, that lots of moms will turn to look. Instead he told me he'll just yell "Lael", so that "only a few" mom's will turn to look.

  • a 4 year old - She's little enough to believe her "barely dressed" self when she states that "4 year old's do not get cold" - while wearing a sleeveless night gown (18 degrees outside), but smart enough to tell me "You're the best mom I've ever had" when I give her some hot chocolate to help get rid of the purplish tint to her skin.
  • an 18 month old - She is old enough to get really excited about a Reese's cups impulse buy at the grocery store. She is young enough to not tell her brother, sister or dad about it when we get home.


The James Family: Ang,DJ,Ryan,Phil,Max said...

HAHAH I can so see Mr. Kilian calling "Lael!"...I love it!!!!
Awww sweet Lucy...heheheh I love how she is so determined...reminds me of her shoes "I like them that way!"......HEHEH Camille......we'll see how long it lasts before she blurts it out to the older children.....Max has already busted me a few times, showing the boys where the candy is because he remembered from earlier in the day!!! HEHEH Aww all this makes me miss the kids so much more....but I love seeing them and what they were up to!
THANK YOU, by the way, for introducing me to blogger....many family members have also appreciated it...they like to keep up with kiddos and its so much easier to share videos.....