Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It's official. Our new puppy has been named Pippin Beethoven James.

Pippin is Brad's choice, because it is the name of a mischievous hobbit from Lord of the Rings.

Beethoven is Kilian's choice, because he likes the movie about a much bigger dog.

We'll throw in the last name, just so the initials are funny.

Also, rest in peace Sparkles and Freckles. We really enjoyed each and every one of our 46 hours with you. We also feel that since you were so special to us, you cannot be replaced. We will not be taking advantage of the 14 day goldfish guarantee that PetSmart offers.


Liss and MOMMY said...

Love the name. Also you make check to see if the kids were petting the fish. Tammy kept losing fish left and right when one of the boys said "I guess they don't like being petted." Cody thinks it is the Lubbock water, we lost ours when we forgot to put in the cleaner stuff in.
PBJ is so cute!

Blair said...

Love the name, like "BTJ"! So sorry about the goldfish :(

Lillian said...

I love the name too! Does BTJ still go by BTJ?!? LOL!

Lael said...

BTJ is pretty much known as Coach James, Daddy or just Brad these days. When we lived in Lewisville and attended St. Ann's with Naomi, Karie, Christina & gang - he was occasionally BTJ, but it has faded away since then. I had kind of forgotten about it - maybe I'll start that back up??

Melissa - I didn't even know about the cleaner stuff - so that could be the problem. Also, we have a water softener. I wonder if that helps or hurts? I was militant about the fish food - that wasn't it. The petting thing is hilarious.