Thursday, February 14, 2008

RSV, Part II

Let me summarize the last few days for Camille:
11 hours in the ER
27 hours in another hospital room
4 IV bags
3 terrible ulcers/canker sores in her mouth
1 daddy with the stomach bug
93 (approximately) cups of various beverages, mostly turned down by her
1 ear infection
1 happy mama when she woke up saying "want food" this morning!

I knew she hadn't been eating or drinking enough, but I didn't realize she had such terrible sores in her mouth causing the problem. I took her into the ER because I though she was dehydrated, and when they first looked at her, they said she probably wasn't because she had lots of good, healthy tears. They said they would do a quick IV if I wanted. I thought that would make me feel better - and mayber perk her up a little. They just wanted to keep her on fluids until we got a wet diaper, which took WAY longer than we expected.

After hanging out in an ER room all night, they admitted us the next day when a room was available. She must have gotten the luxury room - it was huge with the separate "entry room". After several doses of the "magic mouthwash" concoction, her poor little mouth finally seemed to feel better. She was spoiled by the nurses, and her siblings were spoiled by my parents while Brad was miserable at home. I should also mention that my parents each took a shift at the hospital during the second night - so I could sleep on a bed for a few hours and get to take Kilian and Lucy to school.

She is doing better today, but my full time job is to offer her tons of various drinks and food. I have found myself making up songs and cheers about taking sips. I pretend to give teddy bears and dolls drinks, and act like the drinks are mine, and she can't have any - hoping she will steal it.

The worst part is that she has lost weight - so soon after I bragged about her reaching 20 lbs. and letting her face forward in the car (at 19 months!) The good thing is that the fever is long gone and her lungs never really sounded bad.

Here are some pictures of the little patient - I had quite a bit of time on my hands, and happened to have my camara in my purse. Thank you so much for all the well wishes and prayers!!


Blair said...

Aw, poor Camille! Glad she's feeling better.

The James Family: Ang,DJ,Ryan,Phil,Max said...

Yeahy! We are so happy you guys are home! Thank God for G-Pa and Nonni!!!!! We hope you have gotten settled in at home and are on a short cut to Recovery.....we also hope you have been able to get better rest now!
We wish it could be more, but Our Thoguhts & Prayers are with you all,
We love You Very Much,
That must have been the tiniest hospital gown in the precious.......precious baby...she is very loved and I bet the staff just ate her up!!!! Thank you for keeping us updated!