Thursday, May 8, 2008

A taste of our travels

Last weekend Kilian, Lucy and I had a wonderful, but quick trip to the Dallas area. We went to a very special friend's 1st communion Saturday morning and also got to catch up with my sister. Brad and Camille stayed behind and had some special time together. (She is NOT a happy
I am the sentimental type that loves to drive by our old houses, churches, jobs, parks, restaurants, banks, etc. when we are in the area. I took advantage of having only the kids that are easy travelers (actually, the ones oblivious to the rest of the world while watching DVD's in the car) and I went down memory lane.

Here is our first house, a tiny little 2 bedroom. Perfect as a starter house. Kilian came home to this house as a newborn. I was happy to see it looking so cheery.

This is our second house. This is the house where Kilian and Pandora (our dog at the time) welcomed Lucy and then Camille. We moved out of it almost 2 years ago. The next door neighbor said she hadn't seen anyone there in over two months and it seems it has been foreclosed. I was surprised how sad it made me feel to see it in such bad shape.

After eating Sunday brunch at my favorite restaurant, and a bit of reminiscing, we hit the highway. Here are some highlights of the 6 hour drive. No worries...I didn't ever look at the camera while taking pictures - eyes only on the road. If you hold the camera out and click enough, you eventually get some decent ones (if you don't mind reflections, bug juice and the radio antenna).

As I drove, I was listening a radio conversation about a book called "Fatal Misconception". It tackles the subject of world population trends, the myth that we are overpopulated, and the issues that China and other countries that limit the number of children are facing. I intend to check it out at the library.

Some people calling in were talking about feeling smothered, there are just too many Americans and not enough space or resources.

I kinda think I should invite them to drive from Dallas to Lubbock.

Nope, not smothered here at all.

Below is a wind turbine (Yay, alternate energy sources). For anyone that hasn't seen these in person, they are GIGANTIC.

This is how I stayed awake. Yum. This is the fudge our Friday night hostess, Juanelle, sent with us on the road. The kids and I made a nice dent in it on the road home.

I also had a backup plan. If the fudge didn't keep me awake, this would.


Colleen said...

Great post! I grew up in west Texas and really miss those wide open spaces.

Liss and MOMMY said...

Draw some faces on those feet Lucy and they can be people!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I really enjoy driving by the houses I grew up in - one of them is beautifully kept, the other not so much. So I can understand the feelings of sadness you had over your second homes appearance. I feel the same way when I see my childhood home.

Glad you had such a nice trip! That restaurant looks awesome!