Monday, June 16, 2008

AHS bound

I'm thinking about joining the American Horticulture Society now that I have something as pretty as these in my yard. If you know us, you know we aren't very good at keeping grass soft and green, not to mention anything with flowers alive.

What a nice surprise when these popped up after some much needed rain around here. We didn't do anything at all, we are renting right now, so I should thank the home owners for these miracles that greet me in the morning. They are right outside the master bedroom window, right by my side of the bed. I see them when I open my eyes in the morning...well, that is if Lucy's crazy bedhead isn't in the way when she comes in to wake me up by announcing that it has been a long time since she's had anything sweet.


The James Family: Ang,DJ,Ryan,Phil,Max said...

Aww what a beautiful sight to wake up to!!!!
I have been trying to persuade Darren to bring me fresh flowers every morning before I awaken from my princess slumber, but he's not catching on just yet!

Thats such a nice picture, you could even frame that in a real nice frame and have the memory always captured!
Actually, send me a copy LOL I will put it by myyyy bed heheheheh