Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Extra clean

Lucy tells Camille to do lots of things on any given day. I wish Camille would have ignored this particular request. The one to get back into the water... after she was diapered and lotioned and dressed.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I know, I shouldn't laugh but I had to! That was such a cute photo and story! I do feel bad for the mama who had to do all the drying off, lotion-ing up, and dressing again... :)


The James Family: Ang,DJ,Ryan,Phil,Max said...

They just look so innocent and CLEAN!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Did this happen because we were on the phone???


Lael said...

Jody -
No, this was actually taken almost a month ago, I just am quite slow to get things posted...I can't wait to see how update-to-date you keep your new blog...hint, hint.

Anonymous said...

I need one more thing to help me procrastinate! I hoped to be partially responsible for this. Very timely!