Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cars and Trucks

I just wanted to remember this one.

I think it was a few days before we made our very long drive to Houston and back that Camille started a new game with me. When we are in the car she asks, "How do people do cars?"

My answer (imagine all sorts of exaggerated gestures along with the words): 'Well, they open the door and get in and put in their key in and turn it, and push the pedal with their foot to make it go and turn the steering wheel. That's how."

She always nods and immediately asks "How do people do trucks"

I give the same long response, and she's satisfied. She does this each time we get in the car now, and sometimes in the house.

Last night Brad asked, "Camille, how do people do cars?" and she just nearly repeated it back to him!