Friday, December 26, 2008

I can do anything you can do better

Kilian and Lucy are starting to be a little bit competitive at times. It hasn't gotten out of hand, yet. Being two years older, Kilian can usually do things better/faster/easier. Lately we've discovered that Lucy has got him on two things. 1) rolling her "r's" and 2) winking. He just cannot do either.

She often practices rolling her R's in the car. The other day after he tried and tried, I heard her coaching him on where to put his tongue, etc. She gave up on him and said, "I think the problem is just that you are missing so many teeth".

Of course if you do practice rolling your R's right now - you'll see teeth have nothing to do with it.

Hopefully I can catch some video of the winking attempts Kilian makes. I didn't know our faces had so many muscles.