Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Profile

Here is baby #4 belly at 24 weeks. I wanted to make sure I have at least one these pictures for this baby book.

I think the kids will hope for more babies in the future, after #4 makes his/her debut. Sure, they love babies and this is all very exciting, but also because last Friday night my pregnant mind decided that we would just have warm brownies and cold milk for dinner. And we did.
Of course I did honor all requests for healthier sides...there were requests for oatmeal, a PBJ sandwich, and bananas.
I also wanted to follow up on our Flipper watching family night. It was a hit, although Camille fell asleep before we started the first episode. Kilian and Lucy both wore their swimsuits and lots of popcorn was consumed.
Lucy to Kilian after Flipper saves the day: See, this is why I want a pet dolphin!


Tay Jack said...

I love the belly...adorable. That is so great that you have Flipper. My kids (cop's kids) like Discovery Health. They like autopsies, reconstructive surgeries, etc... Nothing wholesome like Flipper. About 6 months ago, Bella was watching a show on a lip reconstruction (from a cleft lip) when I walked out of the room to hang up laundry. When I returned, it was a breast augmentation. I didn't want to make a big deal about it because she was so into it. I just kind of let it go thinking she would too. WRONG!!! She didn't let go at all. She wanted to know why I didn't have any, where she could get some, if that is how women get them, if she had enough money in her piggy bank for the bags and we would figure out how to get them in. OH MY!!! I was dying! Finally we agreed that she didn't need any because she would look funny (being so little and all). It hasn't been brought up since (thank goodness).
Anyway...good for you having your kids watch Flipper. You should have a lot fewer controversial discussions that way.

Quite Sensible Indeed said...

You look great! Not too big and not too small...just the perfect dreamy size.

Which reminds me I need to take the same picture. Since I am 10 weeks behind you if I suck in my stomach maybe I can pretend it was taken earlier and then take one not sucking in. This will help me feel a little less negligent.

The James Family: Ang,DJ,Ryan,Phil,Max & Xavier said...

You look great Mom!!!!!
We hope you are feeling as great as you look!!!