Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Game

I started this post right after the big game on 10/24, but am just now returning to finish it up.

Since we moved to this area 3 years ago, Texas Tech has had a good (at times very good) football team. We get to hear and read about just how good they are nonstop. That is fine - I grew up going to Tech games and I always loved them...until I became an Aggie.

During the fall of my freshman year at A&M (1995) - something went wrong and it had not been made right until Saturday, 10/24. We (the Aggies) had not won a single football game in Lubbock since 1993.

Brad bought 2 tickets to this year's game and I was reluctant to go. When it started looking like the weather was going to be nice enough to take Oliver and we were able to get one of our favorite babysitters for the other three kids, I decided that I would go instead of letting Brad take a friend.

Two weeks before A&M played Tech, Tech beat KSU (66-14) and one week before KSU beat us (62-14). Needless to say, we were expected to witness a big loss.

Early in the first quarter I was trying to get a picture of Oliver, and a very nice Tech family sitting behind us offered to take one of the 3 of us. It was a tie game and I wanted to picture before things got ugly.

but they didn't get ugly at all! Well, that is if I don't count the language of a few students beside us. I sure hope Oliver doesn't choose those words to say first.

Even though the crowd was loud and we were right by the Fightin' Texas Aggie band, Oliver caught a nice nap.
We didn't remember to bring our 12th Man towels, but one guy in the band made up for it. Even in my low quality picture (below) you can make out the super long while towel that one guys is spinning around. I thought it was clever at first, but I was mostly impressed with how he didn't hit any fellow band members in the head with it because it was weighted with a tennis ball or something on the end. (click on the picture to expand)

The nice family behind offered to take a picture almost every time A&M scored, and we politely declined until late in the 4th quarter.

See all those empty seats around us? Lots of Raider fans didn't return after half-time.

Seconds away from winning...



Colleen said...

How fun that you were able to go! We haven't been to an Aggie game since before our first child was born. :( I miss it!

Liss and MOMMY said...

Cody and I were both at the '93 game when A&M won. We weren't together at that time though... I was with my dad in the A&M section. Kind of thought I might go there once upon a time. Cody was with Brent and Lee in the grass. We are hoping for the same outcome the day after Thanksgiving!! Well, not all of us, Aidan sure wouldn't mind Tech winning.